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Butterflies are everywhere, including your backyard.  Even if you don’t have a backyard, some species can be found in the most urban of settings, including vacant lots, local parks, even roof-top gardens in the largest cities.  Your day-to-day activities directly and indirectly affect butterflies.  The following list are examples of things anyone can do to help in conservation of resources that ultimately help us all and butterflies.  As we expand our website, we plan on adding many more ideas with illustrated tutorials, so keep checking back.  Here’s the list:



- Plant shade trees

- Avoid using chemicals in gardens

- Xeriscape your yard

- Plant butterfly nectar sources - here in our home state of Oklahoma check out Wild Things Nursery

- Plant butterfly larval food plants - again, check out Wild Things Nursery



- Lower water heater temperature to 120°F

- Install a programmable thermostat

- In winter set thermostat at 66°F in daytime and 64°F at night; in summer keep it at 78°F

- Wash clothes in cold water

- Turn off unneeded lights

- Unplug (or use a power strip and switch off) “vampire” appliances when not in use (battery chargers, computers, TV’s, stereos, small appliances, etc.)

- Air dry clothes

- Seal and insulate heating/cooling ductwork

- Install low-flow aerators to sink faucets

- Insulate hot water pipes

- Place a gallon container in toilet tank

- Turn off pilot light to gas furnace in summer

- Insulate walls and ceilings

- Replace ordinary windows with double-glazed windows

- Caulk and weather strip around doors and windows

- Only run dishwasher when full and allow dishes to air dry

- Clean or replace air filters as recommended

- Use compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s)

- Wrap water heater in an insulating jacket

- Install low-flow shower heads

- Use large appliances (dishwasher, washer and dryer, etc.) during off peak hours (available from your local electric company)

- Use energy efficient appliances

- Actively participate in your local recycling program

- Go ‘paperless’ with bills and other correspondence

- Request paper bags at grocery store instead of plastic, better yet, provide your own reusable bags

- Implement green ideas in the workplace



- Walk or ride a bike instead of driving

- Use public transportation

- Carpool

- Make sure your tires are properly inflated

- Regularly change the oil in vehicles

- Keep vehicles maintained and abide by local emissions laws

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Like a large web, everything in nature is connected.  Remove enough pieces and eventually the whole thing collapses.  Where butterflies go, so does the planet!